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So much fun! Drinking beer while serving beer, I guess I wouldn't be good bartender xD xD

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Super fun. Lot's of laughs and fails. Haha

A nightmare fueled vision of being a bartender in an alien land.

This game was so much fun that I made a let's play of this game! :D

This game made me hate peanuts

I also think I decided that I'll never be capable of being a bartender

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I made this bar a lot of money.... even with it's rude customers...

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The Best Bartending in the world!!!

My mission statement: I vow to throw every drink you order to the ground and send peanuts flying everywhere!

I ended up with tips, eventually lol.


You get a beer, you get a beer, everyone gets a beer! They're on the house! And the floor. And your lap. Pretty much everywhere.

A fun game, and definitely worth trying out.

A couple of tries by me: