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I just get a "This app can't run on your PC" on Win 10. I tried the compatibility troubleshooter, which sets it for compatibilty for Win 8, but still get the same message.

How can I get it to run?


Hi there! Just checked it out here on our machines and it runs fine. You don't by any chance have a 32-bit machine or a very old graphics card?

Yep. You've probably nailed me on both of those. I'm running Win 10 32 bit, and my video card is an old nVidia GT220 model. Thanks for the reply.

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Sorry about that! Most (all maybe) of our games require 64-bit CPUs and modern GPUs.

This was an entertaining game! I learned that I shouldn't be a bar tender hahaha! 

this game is fun but rage somtimes but overall good game

dude i love the game !

Have you ever wondered how to be the best bartender ever? Those drinks everywhere!

Very enjoyable game to play, loved the character design! Screw the peanuts btw 

this game was really really fun to play! damn peanuts kept on costing me more money XD good job on creating this!

HaHa. This was fun while also extremely annoying. You want to get that beer served justttttt right but... :)

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So much fun! Drinking beer while serving beer, I guess I wouldn't be good bartender xD xD

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Super fun. Lot's of laughs and fails. Haha

A nightmare fueled vision of being a bartender in an alien land.

This game was so much fun that I made a let's play of this game! :D

This game made me hate peanuts

I also think I decided that I'll never be capable of being a bartender

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I made this bar a lot of money.... even with it's rude customers...

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The Best Bartending in the world!!!

My mission statement: I vow to throw every drink you order to the ground and send peanuts flying everywhere!

I ended up with tips, eventually lol.


You get a beer, you get a beer, everyone gets a beer! They're on the house! And the floor. And your lap. Pretty much everywhere.

A fun game, and definitely worth trying out.

A couple of tries by me: