Patch Notes: Optimizations & Steam Achievements

Hey folks! Very excited to share a big load of fixes and changes with you. Big thanks to everyone who's been active in the Steam discussion boards and helping us out! TL;DR - achievements for our Steam users & missing notes are fixed, and the game now looks & runs better on slower GPUs. We also patched in several smaller fixes listed below.

Patch Notes: Version 1.2018.03.01


  • Improved graphics performance 
  • Redesigned camera movement to be smoother, especially at lower framerates
  • Improved floor tile visuals
  • Supports can now be deployed in more places & don't collide with fossils
  • Removed roots function of mossy fossils (moss now slows down dragging)
  • Added a safety feature to prevent Lab or Elevator data from getting erased during patching


  • Fix: Steam Achievements are now fully functional
  • Fix: Achievements no longer report every percentage of achievement progress
  • Fix: Fossil Fishers shouldn't pretend to be an elevator
  • Fix: Lab bomb shop now restocks properly after purchase
  • Fix: All notes now properly appear in journal after being collected\
  • Fix: Lavamanders no longer complete certain achievements for you
  • Fix: Score page no longer counts 'secrets' as 0
  • Fix: Handle controller disconnects/reconnects better
  • Fix: On rare occasions, the player would fall forever
  • Fix: Gems and Reward Boxes no longer fall through the floor
  • Fix: Patched up a hole in the lab collision

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