Patch Notes: Quality of Life improvements!

Patch Notes for Version 1.2018.06.01

Steam Achievements

  • Doubled down on the retroactive achievement scan.

Bug Fixes

  • Saved skin selection properly shows in the character select screen
  • Made sure barrel shadows disappear immediately after exploding
  • Fixed a camera position bug in the final level
  • The offscreen indicator no longer shows up in the credits after you beat the final level


  • Added grab assist for when you just barely aren't close enough to grab
  • Hold A to keep digging. Give those thumbs a break
  • The journal will calm down with forcing you to view new items
  • Added a desire sensor to help skew the RNG a bit more in your favour
  • Introduced random gem drops, and environment specific gems

Final Level Tweaks

  • Level fossils don't get caught up on mushrooms anymore
  • Removed the colliders on the powerup ponds

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how do you collect the gems? i found one on level one of digsite but i had no idea how to bring it back with me.. i tried to get it across the hole but it just fell in and disappeared..