Patch Notes: Fixes, Retroactive Achievements, and more Optimization

Patch Notes - Version 1.2018.03.22

Hey folks! Not a whole lot to report, except we're hard at work on those console ports. We've applied a big set of optimizations from our console porting to the Desktop release. Those of you who suffered from the broken achievements bug should get retroactive unlocks now when you launch the game again. And as always, we've fixed a whole bunch of bugs.


  • Improved graphics performance ... again!
  • Journal entries count on pause/overview page now totals per level, not per world
  • Lava geysers are now deadly to players & breakable objects
  • Players that have been offscreen for more than a few seconds will respawn near other players
  • Added Final Masters of the music (we thought it sounded great before, but now it's better)


  • Achievements that failed to unlock in a previous version will now unlock retroactively
  • Fishbag will no longer show a "Use Elevator" prompt, and properly displays "Fish for Fossils"
  • Player offscreen indicators display the correct player number
  • Big Fossils now fit under support beams as well
  • Fossils shouldn't accidentally turn on their sides
  • Giant Fossils in final level shouldn't respawn after completing the game anymore
  • Resolved flickering shadows in Abyss
  • Small fossil schematic slab activation effect fixes
  • Various colliders & static objects that should have been interactive
  • Abyss 23 backer fossil labels shouldn't all read "Pikeleosteus"
  • Completion star pop up on Map screen 
  • Mushrooms were preventing elevator from closing in some cases, and won't spawn near elevator anymore
  • Increased big fossil droprate in most levels
  • Fossils will always flash when connected to a schematic or each other
  • Restored missing line renderers in several levels
  • Lab ladder collider is triangular, not rectangular
  • Fixed an error where partial completion of the tutorial + save would result in an unplayable save state
  • In rare cases music would stop playing, fixed.
  • Mushrooms will die when exploded
  • Player offscreen indicators will not stay on screen during end game credits
  • Fixed stuttery camera in Abyss & Final level unlock cutscenes

Events: EGLX and GDC

Thanks to everybody who came to see us at EGLX 2018 a few weeks ago. We're also at GDC this week, so if you see us, say hi!

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